Property Management Services


Here at LLC Property Management we take care of our clients with our extensive resources! We make it easy for you to be a property owner and provide you with the kind of individual service you deserve. LLC Property Management does not believe in a cookie cutter approach to management. Instead, we spend time with our clients to make sure we are meeting their needs and maximizing their income. LLC Property Management will then develop customized management plans and budgets to ensure you are achieving your long-term goals.  


LLC Property Management has a maintenance staff that has the knowledge and experience to handle any problem and emergency that comes along. They are available to fix these problems 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with our 24/7 Emergency Hotline. We also have onsite managers with a trained eye to spot problems before they happen, which reduces maintenance costs. Put these two together, and you have a well oiled, self-sustaining property managing machine! When maintenance is necessary, we seek out opportunities to save you money to ensure that you get the best value for the job. When contracting major renovations, we compare the pricing of multiple companies to ensure the best deal. If we can do the job ourselves for less, we do.


We don’t just maintain the status quo. We are constantly looking to increase the value of your property through refurbishing and additional amenities. We will discuss a budget with you for each property and report the costs and the benefits of potential projects. We take care to ensure that the return on investment is greater than the cost of the project. Inevitably the reason you’re hiring a property management company is not only to save you time and energy, but to make you more money.


We know that happy tenants ultimately translates to less turnover, less vacancy, and less maintenance costs. We have unparalleled customer service that gives tenants immediate access when they need it most. We try to get to know tenants personally so that we can ensure that they feel comfortable in their own home. We handle all rent collections and administration of legal remedies, including evictions.


LLC Property Management offers a full range of In-House Marketing. Here at LLC we engage in all aspects of marketing and provide fully integrated services. LLC Property Management provides public relations on and off social media. LLC serves as an on-site creative department to produce signs and small ads. LLC Property Management's In-House Marketing Department will also, outsource for you for larger projects such as large signs, commercials and other advertisements. LLC will develop marketing strategies for you as needed. Our In-House Marketing Department is always staying up to date with the latest marketing trends. So, whatever your marketing needs may be LLC has you covered.


With our educated marketing team, LLC Property Management has marketing strategies proven to fill your vacancies quickly! If you want to fill vacancies, potential tenants have to first know about your property! We know how to increase the online visibility and value of your property so that you can get the tenants that you need. We use a mixed marketing approach on social media, print advertising, online advertising, and strong connections with other brokers and realtors to achieve this goal.


We don’t just maintain the status quo, we provide uncomplicated and accurate reports! Our detailed monthly management reports are available anytime you want through our online service. You get real time, live access to your bank balance, rent roll, expenses, trust account ledger, and most importantly an income statement.


Our affiliate company, theRRD, provides comprehensive screening of tenants to ensure they are suitable for a particular location. With our national database, we’ll ensure the best possible tenants are leasing into your vacancies.  Our database is freely accessible to everyone 24/7 at



Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment and LLC Property Management has the experience to give you a straightforward evaluation on what you can expect. Our experience as a Senior Commercial Real Estate Analyst makes us the perfect candidate to perform a valuation for all asset classes. If you are in need of a third-party estimate or simply want to know the value of your current assets, LLC can assess your property in a timely manner


LLC Property Management assists clients on an array of debt structures with the most competitive programs on the market. Our relationship with the nation’s premier financial institutions and real estate capital providers enables clients to obtain financing to whether you’re looking to place debt for an acquisition or refinance for a better rate/lower payments, or if you are just looking for funds for the expansion of your business. Options include both conventional financing options as well as private lenders.


Please contact George Pino at  for our SBA loan programs and to determine if you qualify for SBA financing. 


Please contact George Pino  at for details on our commercial office building’s acquisition and refinance loan programs.   


Please contact George Pino at for details on our multifamily acquisition and refinance loan programs.


Please contact George Pino at for details on our retail building’s acquisition and refinance loan programs.