LLC Property Management is constantly looking to increase the value of your property by providing innovative solutions for commercial real estate properties. For multifamily properties, our tenant screening process allows us to run credits and background checks for tenants coming from all over the United States.

When we get a new property on-board, our team takes great pride in detailed financial analysis of your building to determine its true potential. We provide solutions on constantly increasing cash flow for your buildings and have a proven track record with numerous major clients. 



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Owning multifamily apartments is dynamic, having to manage multiple tenants and vendors at the same time. We have developed a successful maintenance system which is able to improve the overall performance of your building, while keeping the costs low.




LLC Property Management has represented major clients such as McDonald's, KFC, Marie Callender's, and many others. We have been able to negotiate leases for multiple owners thanks to having our own team of experts, and top brokers in the industry. Along with property management we make sure that all the major clients are up to date with their insurance, and we take pride in doing regular building inspection tours. 




Management of an office building requires a lot of attention to detail, along with a up-to-date knowledge of state laws, building codes, rules, and regulations. The tenants of your property will rely heavily on our services to keep business running smoothly. Having property management helps keep tenants from interrupting your own business! Whether you own a large or a small office building, we ensure your property is managed with the utmost care.