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George Pino, the co-founder of LLC Property Management, is extremely well qualified in the management and repositioning of commercial real estate having been personally responsible for the sale of and/or directly involved in the marketing/management of over 6,000 assets, including nearly 300 commercial properties, resulting in transactions totaling over $600,000,000 throughout the United States. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Mr. Pino joined Kennedy-Wilson, Inc. During his tenure from 1987-1993 at Kennedy-Wilson Mr. Pino rose to become the manager of the Closing Department. His responsibilities included working as a liaison with developers, sellers and buyers, while overseeing the closings of sales. Early on, Mr. Pino was given the management of the closings for all Texas sale properties, and oversaw the closings of over 4,000 assets in the state of Texas. During this time he also opened the closing department’s offices in Dallas. In addition to the Dallas office, Mr. Pino also supervised the opening of offices in New York, Boston, Chicago and Pleasanton California.

In 1993, Mr. Pino joined Mr. Joe Killinger at The Sands Group, the Real Estate Auction division for Fred Sands Realtors and continued working at that company until 2002. During his time there he oversaw the day-to-day property management of the assets they would ultimately position for sale. Additionally he was brought in to analyze potential development opportunities for local banks/Savings and Loans. Mr. Pino, along with Mr. Killinger started a real estate investment and holding company in 1995, beginning with their first multi-family acquisition of a small six unit apartment building in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Since then they have acquired over 20 buildings, rehabbing and selling most of them In 2002, Mr. Pino, along with Joseph Killinger started Learning Links Centers, LLC, a new type of Socially Responsible Real Estate Investment Company, geared toward investing in low to moderate income neighborhoods of larger metropolitan areas of the United States and highlighting educational opportunities for their residents. Their first acquisition was a 29 unit apartment building well situated in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Baldwin Village, an area known for its high density and high crime rate. To date, Learning Links Centers has acquired 7 buildings, for a total of nearly 500 units.

Concurrently with starting LLC Property Management George Pino along with Mr. Killinger was recruited by, and joined, DBL Realtors to start their commercial division. After the acquisition of DBL by Sotheby’s International Realty, Mr. Pino noticed a need for a boutique commercial company that had its Client’s Best Interests in mind. Realizing this need he, along with Mr. Killinger started CBI Commercial, and shortly thereafter began offering fee-management of assets, with the goal of reducing expenses while maximizing income. By utilizing past experience in development and management, Mr. Pino has been able to successfully manage and/or reposition numerous assets for their clients.

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