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Property Owners Need To Be Aware Of Senate Bill 7


California Property owners need to know about Senate Bill 7, as the deadline for compliance is closing quickly. The bill would require a landlord to make certain disclosures to the tenant prior to the execution of the rental agreement, if the landlord intends to charge a tenant separately from rent for water service in a property with submeters. The bill would specify that as part of the monthly bill for water service, a landlord may only bill a tenant for volumetric water usage, as specified, a portion of any recurring fixed charge billed to the property by the water purveyor, as specified, a billing, administrative, or other fee, as prescribed, and a late charge.

 The bill would specify that payments are required to be due at the same point in each billing cycle, as prescribed, and that each bill must include and separately set forth certain information. The bill would prohibit a landlord from charging certain additional fees. The bill would require a landlord to maintain and make available in writing to a tenant, as specified, the date the submeter was last inspected, tested, and verified, the data used to calculate the tenant’s bill, and the location of the submeter.

The bill would require a landlord to investigate and, if warranted, rectify certain problems or a submeter reading that indicates constant or abnormal water usage. The bill would permit a landlord to enter a dwelling unit for specified purposes relating to a submeter or water fixture if certain requirements are met. The bill would permit a tenant to be charged late fees, as specified. The bill would provide that these provisions shall become operative on January 1, 2018 and if not complied would receive a $150 added expense for each unit that your properties might have to endure if they are not in compliance by January 1s deadline!

Please see the link and read the bill in its entirety!

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