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The Biggest Multifamily Companies In The United States

Have you ever wondered who owns all of those massive, thirty-story apartment complexes? Well, a lot of those buildings are actually owned by the same companies.  If you combined the top 10 multifamily owners in the United States, you would have over 1.2 million units!  Here are the top 10 multifamily holders:

10. Coming in at number 10 we have AvalonBay Communities, Inc. making the top ten this year, unlike like last year where they fell short and came in 12th place last year. AvalonBay owns 72,814 units up a whopping 21% from the 60,101 units they owned last year.

9. Leaping up the list from last year’s number 18 comes MAA in 9th place. Currently owning 81,851 units this year, which is uproar compared to the 49,591 units they own last year.

8.  8th place goes to the Enterprise Community Asset Management, Inc., which came in 9th place last year. Raking in an increase of 1% from last year to 99,984 units, almost the same amount of units as last year’s 99,013 units. Enterprise moto emphasizes on going green for building and preserving green affordable housing

7.  Coming at number 7 we have The Richman Group Affordable Housing Corporation. Coming from number 8 last year with 104,572 units, the company went up one spot, but with fewer units than last year with only 102,098 units.

6. Equity Residential takes 6th place, up from last years’ 7th place standing. Totaling 109,465 units currently owned this year, down from the 117,322 units the company owned last year.

5. Tied with last year’s ranking Boston Financial Investment Management, LP comes in 5th place. Currently owning 124,720 units this year Boston Financial went down 5% from their 130,895 they owned last year. Specializing in low income homes Boston Financial manages approximately $9.2 billion of low-income housing tax credit. (LIHTC)

4.  Moving up the list from a staggering 6th place, coming in at 4th place is PNC Real Estate. They currently own 126,972 units up 1.7% percent from last year’s 124,886 units.

2.  2nd place goes to Boston Capital, which came in 1st place in 2013. Boston Capital currently owns 153,515 units, down from the 155,251 units they owned in 2012.  Their website states that their multifamily portfolio worth is more than $15.1 billion.

Last but not least coming in at Number 1 we have Hunt Companies, INC!

1.  Climbing the ladder from the number 2 spot of 2013, Hunt Companies comes in number 1 this year. Hunt Companies currently own 253,295 units which is up from the 143,097 units they owned last year.  According to their company website, Hunt and its affiliates have $26.3 billion in assets under management.

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