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The Advantages of On-site Managers

For most property owners their property is like their baby. They want to take care of it, nurture it, and make sure nothing happens to their investment. But just like parents, property owners have responsibilities and jobs to do throughout the day and can’t afford to monitor their property and tenants 24/7. The solution for parents is a babysitter and there is an equivalent for property owners called on-site managers. On-site managers are your eyes and ears for your investment. Here are the main benefits of having an on-site manager:

Eagle’s eye on the property:

An on-site manager position mandates them to look after the property. They keep tabs on the outside securing that it’s kept nice and presentable (as in reporting people loitering, checking to make sure the gardens are kept up, etc.) They make sure tenants are keeping the common areas of the properties clean. If you have an on-site laundry room this is extremely important. Most tenants don’t clean out the filters from the dryer which shortens the lifespan of the dryer in the long run, costing you more money. Also, they are in charge of notifying either you or your property management company of any repairs or remodeling that needs to be done for the upkeep of the appearance of the property.

Tenant Relations:

On site managers are great when it comes to the maintenance of tenants.  They reside in the complex and are on call 24/7. If a tenant has an issue with another tenant or a maintenance request it’s easy for them to gain contact with someone that is in the same building and available. They monitor behavior and activity of guests and speak to guest or call the police if needed, as manager living and working near the guests. They are available if a tenant is locked out of their unit without any additional costs. The manager also collects the rents. An on-site manager is actually a great selling point for potential new tenants as well. Which brings us to leasing, it is beneficial to have on site management present when any prospective tenant wants to see a unit, seeing as they are able to show the vacancy instantly which betters your chances of filing the vacancy sooner.

Lease Breaching:

An on-site manager proximity to the tenants is of great help to the owner. They will be the first to notice if a tenant is breaching their lease. They will be the first to know if a tenant abandons their unit, have an illegal pet, unregistered house guest, or illegal vehicle parking.

Please note on-site management should only be considered with 12 units or more on the grounds of it is more cost efficient. If you have less than 12 units you may consider hybrid management, in which you or your off site management checks on the property periodically. 


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