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Concierge For 1 Please!

There are plenty of ways to differentiate your apartment complex from the ones neighboring your area, but have you ever considered adding on services? There are a couple of highly needed services that your tenants will be willing to pay for and it will cause your complex to seem even more attractive! Supplying some much needed services to your tenants will create the illusion of a hotel rather than your tenants feeling as if they were in an apartment! Here are a few services I would recommend:

Dog Walking:

Every tenant living in your complex has a job and usually tenants have pets (unless your complex is not pet friendly), and it can become a hassle or time consuming to walk and feed a pet.  You can offer a dog walking service where you obtain permission to enter your tenant’s unit and you walk their dog twice a day every day. Of course, this will be an extra cost to the tenants, however the benefit would surpass the cost if you charge a cheap cost (i.e. 20 dollars a week). You could hire a dog walker for your complex or pay your on-site manager for the dog walking service.

Cleaning Service:

Did someone call for room service? The most appealing feature of hotels is the fact that you don’t need to clean up after yourself! Partner up with a cleaning service and offer this feature to your tenants. Offer weekly or monthly deals. This service will benefit you more than the tenant in the long run. By having professional cleaners taking care of your units, it lessens the chances of damages that can be caused by uncleanliness and that will be extra income for your property. If you have a large complex you may also be able to offer your tenants a cheaper deal than the average cleaning cost as a result of the amount of units you have. 


If you go to several Laundromats there is usually a drop-off service. Why not have that at your complex? If you already have a Laundromat at your complex, this can be a doable service. Create a drop off location for tenants to drop off their laundry where an employee will clean their clothes or have the employee conduct weekly check-ins with tenants to see if they have laundry they need done. To be cost efficient, it is best to charge by the pound and only have the employee available one day a week, preferably a weekday.People can often be too busy to do laundry on weekdays.  

There are countless other services that could be offered for your complex. Anything that could make your complex a superior fit for your tenants is always the best way to go. 

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